Welcome to your Fivefold Ministry Questionnaire

The Fivefold Ministry gifts together cause the Body of Christ to step into the fullness of Christ.

The focus of this questionnaire is on the reality of these Fivefold Ministry aspects in your life, and not only things you would like or desire to do. The aim is to live out the fullness of Christ and to bear good fruit that’s currently visible.

This questionnaire will help you to answer where you are currently on your journey of growth into the fullness of Christ.

You could still grow in any of these Fivefold Ministry gifts as God grows you into all that He desires you to be. This isn’t a personality test that limits you to your current answers.

Please think soberly in your self-assessment and try to not overestimate yourself. (Romans 12:3)

Answer each question by choosing either (1) Never, (2) Rarely, (3) Sometimes, (4) Often, (5) Almost Always, or (6) Always.