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Making the Bride of Christ Beautiful and Powerful with Andre and Sonika Kruger.
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Apostolic Gift
Mission: Kingdom Reign - Walk in Christ's authority to tangibly Release God's Kingdom on Earth.
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Prophetic Gift
Mission: Presence Host - Dwell in the Presence of God to Hear and Release God's Voice to Others.
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Pastoral Gift
Mission: Relationships Flourish - Walk in the Father's love to bring Healing to Hearts and Relationships.
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Teaching Gift
Mission: Word Become "Flesh" - Walk in God’s Truth to Anchor God's people in Revelation and Understanding of God's Word.
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Evangelistic Gift
Mission: Souls Win - Let Love move you to Seek and Save the Lost.
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Who we are

André and Sonika are passionate about unlocking the Fivefold Ministry gifts in the local church.

I (André) heard the voice of God speak to my heart while ministering in Brazil, “Make My Bride beautiful.” 

This is our life mission, to make the Bride of Christ beautiful and powerful. To unleash God’s Kingdom on earth. 

We believe that the church worldwide will come to the fullness of Christ when the Fivefold Ministry gifts are embraced, and the Fivefold Ministry cultures are cultivated within the local church. (Ephesians 4:11-16)

Every believer should walk in all the grace God has made available to them. Are you ready to unlock what God has prepared for you?

"If you Build it, God will come."
"If you Build out the Kingdom culture, the King will come."

The Road Map to Build out the Fivefold Ministry Gifts

Six Steps to Transform your Life and your Environment!

Discover Your Design

Discover where you are on the Fivefold Ministry range.


Value the Full Fivefold

If we are to walk in the fullness of Christ we need to value all five of the Fivefold gifts, and understand them. Jesus is Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher and Evangelist!

Watch this message on When Preacher's Fight!?

The Fivefold Ministry Gifts explained.


Pursue the Prophetic

Take hold of the “torch” of the Spirit, the gift of prophecy that illuminates all God has made available to us. The prophetic is essential to discover who people are specifically called to be in Christ.

Check out Increasing Heaven's Flow

Be equipped in each of the Fivefold Ministry gifts.


Convene a Company

Get together with another one or more like-minded individuals who are passionate about growing in the Fivefold. Jesus sent the disciples out two-by-two for a reason! 

Build out the Fivefold Ministry Cultures in your community:

Kingdom Culture Small Group Curriculum

Watch Session 1 right now for free.


Equip the Equippers

Life-changing resources are just a click away.

Embrace relevant Fivefold resources to grow the Fivefold Ministry gifts in you and others. 

You grow best when you purpose to equip others to grow in Christ. 


Apostolic Assignment

The Great Commission is also an Apostolic Commission. We are all sent ones. Be bold in living out the fullness of Christ to impact others with God’s love. 

Series on Miracles

Let your faith be stirred through this Kingdom Unleashed series on miracles.

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